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How to change your Hypotheses account password

Hypotheses uses every means available to provide the platform and its bloggers a maximum security. As a user of the platform, you have a role to play in this security, notably by choosing a secure password for your account. Continue reading How to change your Hypotheses account password

Marion Wesely

Chargée de l’accompagnement des communautés et de la valorisation des contenus d’Hypothèses / Community manager & communication officer for the Hypotheses platform (OpenEdition)

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Hypotheses plays the security card with the “HTTPS” protocol

Update 09/09/2016

Given recent developments on the web and the fact that the HTTPS protocol hasn’t been rolled out as quickly as some (such as Google) would have liked – because the transition to full HTTPS can be long, complex and costly, particular for small sites – we have decided not to make HTTPS obligatory on Hypotheses for the time being.

At present an obligatory shift to HTTPS would cause various technical problems for blogs using content hosted on sites that do not use the HTTPS protocol.

However, it is possible that in the medium term the HTTPS protocol will become the only protocol in use on the web. We are not ruling out this option, and the advantage is that we now have the technical tools needed to shift Hypotheses to HTTPS when that becomes necessary. This is an ideal situation both for the time being and for the future, guaranteeing a user-friendly experience for our users as well as the security and stability of the platform. It should also be noted that the HTTP and HTTPS protocols currently coexist on Hypotheses. If you have a user account on one or several of the platform’s blogs, you are automatically browsing the platform using the HTTPS protocol, regardless of which Hypotheses blog you are on.

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François Pacaud

Responsable du service blogging scientifique / Head of science blogging department (Cléo/OpenEdition)

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