Detect the presence of broken hyperlinks at blog scale

Whether you are opening a blog on which you have requested the import of content from another blog, or are in the process of updating your content, you may wish to check the proper functioning of the hyperlinks (“hypertext links”) mentioned in your articles, pages and widgets, and this at a blog level. Checking these links and editing them in case of dysfunction helps to avoid sending your readers to invalid urls, pointing to pages that no longer exist or have been moved.

There is no functionality on Hypotheses to detect broken links automatically. However, the online services of the W3C ( or Broken Link Check ( can be used to perform these checks. By entering the URL of the blog homepage, all hyperlinks and anchors contained in your blog’s articles, pages and widgets will be reviewed and a report at the end of the process will indicate the presence of any broken links. Warning: these tools allow you to automatically identify faulty links, but not to update them. It will then be up to you to carry out this operation manually.

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