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Hypotheses offers its users access to the graphic themes developed by WordPress teams in priority, to insure greater durability, consistency and long-term flexibility for the platform. Find all the graphic themes available in the “Appearance” category of the House of blogs.

Twenty Sixteen is a responsive graphic theme, i.e. its layout adapts to the size and type of your screen, which is a considerable advantage, especially as reading on smartphones and tablets becomes more and more frequent.

With Twenty Sixteen, WordPress teams unveiled a graphic theme whose modern style and functionalities match the latest trends on the web. This post contains the main practical information that will allow you to get to grips with the Twenty Sixteen graphic theme. Once you have activated the theme from the Appearance > Themes menu in your blog dashboard, you can find most of the configuration options for it in the Appearance > Customize menu.

Built on a text column and an optional side column for widgets, the Twenty Sixteen graphic theme allows detailed color customization, with four coordinated color sets, or a free choice of colors associated with the page background, text background, links, main text and secondary text of the blog.

In addition to the optional column on the right, two widget areas are provided in the footer to customize the blog’s display.

Header image and logo

Twenty Sixteen allows the addition of a header image (recommended size: 1200 × 280 pixels) and a logo (recommended size: 240 × 240 pixels). Think about optimization: prefer.jpg and a resolution of 96 DPI for a lighter image. The logo is placed above the title and subtitle (slogan or description) of the blog, while the header image is placed below, before the column of articles and the possible column of widgets on the right. The title and subtitle of the blog can be hidden.

Location of logo and header image on a blog using Twenty Sixteen

The graphic theme also offers several graphic features in terms of article layout.

An intro to your articles

The “Extract” field in the article editing interface, in the “Document” tab of the settings column, is used by this theme as an introduction to the article. The text in this field is then emphasized above the text of the article.

Article introduction created by using the “Extract” field in the article editing interface

Visually emphasized quotes

While maintaining a simple and clear layout for the reader, the Twenty Sixteen graphic theme highlights the quotation blocks so that they stand out visually in the middle of the text.

Image enhancement

Breaking the monotony of the text column is also made possible by inserting large images: if the original image size is greater than or equal to 840 pixels wide, and the image is inserted with “Original Size” as the chosen size, then it will be displayed wider than the text column. The sizes “Large”, “Medium” and “Miniature”, force the image not to exceed the width of this column. Again, think about optimization: use the.jpg and 96 DPI resolution for a lighter image.

Several ways to display images in an article

A menu for social networks

The Twenty Sixteen graphic theme has two menu locations. The main one is placed horizontally on the right of the title and subtitle of the book (or a little above, at the level of the possible logo), above the possible header image. A second menu is available, dedicated to social networks: placed in the footer, on the right, it can only display social network icons.

The “social networks” menu in the footer of a blog using Twenty Sixteen

To obtain such a display, you will need to create a menu consisting only of personalized links, these links should point to social network profiles or an e-mail (then write “mailto: ” + the desired e-mail address). This menu must then be associated with the “Social Network Links Menu” location.

Read more on the Twenty Sixteen theme and features on the Codex WordPress

You now have everything you need to get started with Twenty Sixteen. For any questions regarding this topic, if you do not find the answer in this article, do not hesitate to call on the community of bloggers (hypocommunity[at], who will certainly be able to help you in the handling and use of your blog. If you are not subscribed to the list, send us a request to hypotheses[at]

Featured image: Photo by Jeremy Galliani under Unsplash licence.

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