Add your blog articles to your ORCID profile

ORCID, for Open Researcher and Contributor ID, refers to a system of unique and sustainable identifiers for authors of scientific publications. Each author can create an ORCID account and be assigned a sixteen-digit numerical code – their ID – which they can then link to their publications, including Hypotheses articles

Why register on ORCID?

  • the ORCID identifier provides a solution to homonymy problems;
  • it allows to gather the author’s different publication identities (classic form “First name Last name”, change of name, etc.);
  • it links the different productions together even if they are managed by different actors in scientific communication (journals, databases, data repositories, funding agencies, etc.);
  • it represents a unique key that facilitates information retrieval and networking;
  • it can be connected to other tools such as Scopus, ResearcherID or LinkedIn for example.

Registration to ORCID is free and can be done on the ORCID website. Creating an account or logging in to an account can be done from the dedicated page on the OpenEdition website.

Add your Hypotheses articles to your ORCID profile

When you first connect to the ORCID interface on the OpenEdition website, you are asked to grant OpenEdition permission to access your ORCID account. Once you have logged into your ORCID account on this interface, you can add content published on OpenEdition to it. The search can be done in books and chapters on OpenEdition Books, in articles on OpenEdition Journals (formerly and in blog articles on Hypotheses.

Note: The search is based on the author metadata associated with the searched post. If the public signature of your account on Hypotheses is as ” First Name Last Name “, as we recommend, you will find your content on the chosen platforms by entering your first name and last name in the search bar. If your search is in the form “Last Name First Name”, the search will not return these results. If the public signature of your content on Hypotheses is your ID, for example, it is this ID that you will need to search for to find your content.

Next to each search result, you can click on “Add to my ORCID account”. In the “View my documents” tab, you will find a list of all the OpenEdition content imported into your ORCID account. It is from this screen that you can, if necessary, delete or update the contents of your account.

ORCID in the OpenEdition ecosystem

The ability to add publications to an ORCID profile has been active since July 2017 on three OpenEdition platforms (OpenEdition Books, OpenEdition Journals and Hypotheses). This functionality has been developed by OpenEdition as part of the European project High Integration of Research Monographs in the European Open Science Infrastructure (HIRMEOS), which aims to enrich and improve five European open access publishing platforms in the humanities and social sciences.

In case of a problem with your ORCID ID, you can consult the dedicated help page on the ORCID website.
If the problem is encountered when using the OpenEdition ORCID interface, you can send an email to the following address:

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