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Hypotheses is part of OpenEdition, a portal that also includes the OpenEdition Journals, OpenEdition Books and Calenda platforms. OpenEdition provides a catalogue, allowing people to discover blogs. The inclusion of a Hypotheses blog in the OpenEdition catalogue, means a better referencing of the blog in search engines, indexation of the blog as well as its articles in Isidore, assignment of DOI DataCite (Digital Objective Identifier) to blog posts. Blogs located in France may also be assigned an ISSN, thanks to a partnership with the French ISSN center.

Why are not all blogs in the catalogue?

Blogs are not added to the catalogue as soon as they are created. If your blog is only a few weeks old, it is normal not to be able to find it there. Indeed, we want give you the time to take it in hand, to develop it and to structure it before increasing its visibility significantly through its publication in our catalogue.

For your blog to be included in the catalogue, it must meet three main criteria:

  • have at least three posts;
  • show that it was structurally taken in hand;
  • have a Credits page and correctly include the photographic credits of the elements used to illustrate the blog (and which cannot be credited directly where they are inserted: blog header and featured images in particular).

Even if your blog is not yet published in the catalogue, it is online and referenced by search engines! The referencing is done gradually, as your publications progress, but adding the blog to the catalogue will help give it greater visibility.

How do I know if a given blog is in the OpenEdition catalogue?

To find out if a given blog is in the OpenEdition catalogue, you can of course search directly in the aforementioned catalogue. This information is also available directly on the blog in question. The footer of the catalogued blogs mention “This blog in the OpenEdition catalogue” with a link to the blog’s notice.

Request the addition of a blog to the OpenEdition catalogue

The Hypotheses team constantly monitors all the platform’s content and regularly adds new blogs to the catalogue. However, as this tracking is not automated, it is possible that blogs may fall between the cracks. Thus, do not hesitate to inform us of the evolution of your blog, especially if it met the criteria some time ago but hasn’t been added the catalogue.


Once your blog is in the OpenEdition catalogue, it is strongly recommended not to change its title.

To ensure the documentary quality of our catalogue and the proper referencing of your blog, any change of title must be notified to the Hypotheses team at the following e-mail address: hypotheses[at]

Blogs that are no longer updated

There is an archive status for Hypotheses blogs that have not published a new article for more than two years. This status translates into a “publication inactive since [date]” mention in the blog notice in the OpenEdition catalogue, in the “Learn more” section. It is intended to inform the reader that the blog is no longer, and may never be updated again. Nevertheless, blogs that are no longer updated by their authors retain their legitimate place on Hypotheses, where they can remain as archives and thus make it possible to preserve the citability of the information they contain.

If you plan to stop updating your blog and wish to keep it online as an archive (which we recommend for the reasons mentioned above), know that the activation of the mention in the blog notice will be added automatically after two years without a new published article, but you can ask to have it put in place before that. You can, in addition and if you wish, write a final article explaining to your readers the reason for stopping the publication on your blog.

The “publication inactive since [date]” mention is only indicative and therefore does not lead to any change on the blog: its users retain all their writing rights, and the mention does not seal the blog’s archival status in marble: If new articles were to be published, regardless of the period of inactivity, the mention would automatically disappear from the blog notice in the OpenEdition catalogue.

To learn more about how to delete a Hypotheses blog and the issues involved, see the dedicated post on Deleting your blog.

Featured Image: Catalogue by Chris Freeland under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license

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