What’s new in the last update on Hypotheses ?

Hypotheses has been updated to WordPress version 5.9.3. In addition to bug fixes and performance improvements, here are the main changes you’ll see:

1 – You can choose your navigation language, as soon as you log into your account, thanks to a language selector.

2 – The display of the list of blocks you have used in your post has been improved.

3 – New typographic tools are available in block customisation options (right-hand column).

4 – You have access to two new advanced blocks:

The navigation block. It enables you to add a menu in your pages or posts. The navigation block can be used only with a block theme. You can read the page from the WordPress documentation for more information: https://wordpress.org/support/article/navigation-block/

The query loop block. It allows you to display a list of posts such as “The latest articles”. But you can choose the posts according to other parameters. It offers several possible layouts. To find out how to configure them, consult the WordPress documentation.

5 – The Gallery block can be further customised.

6 – PDFs can now be embedded via the html tag <object>. For example :

<object type="application/pdf
data= " url="" de="" la="" ressource"="" width="700" height="550">

However, it is still possible to continue to use the “PDF Viewer” block to display a PDF file of less than 10MB as a viewer in a post.

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