What’s new in our November 2022 WordPress update?

Hypotheses has been updated to the version 6.0.1 of WordPress, named Arturo as a tribute to the jazz musician Arturo O’Farrill.

With this release, the WordPress team  implements nearly a thousand bug fixes and enhancements to the Content Manager System, particularly in terms of accessibility. It is therefore an important update for the platform performances (faster page display and query responses)!

A broadened writing experience

The first new feature allows you to select text across multiple blocks, providing an enriched writing experience.

The screenshot illustrates the new selection feature across several blocks

The “Row” and “Stack” options helps you to easily change the display of several blocks at once.

The “Row” option allows you to create columns from paragraph blocks, while the “Stack” option allows you to group several paragraphs together, so you can move them all together, for example.

Screenshot showing the "Row" block option
Screenshot showing the "Row" block option
Screenshots showing the “Row” block option

The ” Row ” and ” Stack ” blocks can also be selected in the Design blocks.

Some themes such as Twenty Twenty One for instance, combine these new blocks with an upgrade allowing to add borders.

Readability warnings

With this update, the block editor helps you to improve the accessibility of your content and makes your post edition easier.

For instance, you can easily change the text and background colors within a block or group of blocks through the block settings column on the right side of your screen. Moreover, warning messages appear when your color combination doesn’t respect contrasts accessibility norms or isn’t readable enough.

Screenshot showing the contrast warning message
Screenshot showing the contrast warning message.

Also, if you forget to add a category  or a tag  to your post, WordPress will suggest you to add one before the publication.

Locked blocks

An option to lock or unlock (disable the movement/prevent the removal of) blocks has been integrated.

Screenshots of the block locking options
Screenshots of the block locking options

Block locking is also available in the list view. The list view has itself been improved, notably with the new possibility to drag and drop blocks onto another position in the list.

Screenshot of the List View
Screenshot of the List View

This list view allows you to display the structure of your post or page at one glance.

A shortcut to add hyperlinks on your posts and pages

A shortcut is now available by using two open brackets “[[ ” to quickly access the list of posts and pages. When selecting an article or page, it will automatically add a hyperlink to that content.

Screenshot of the list suggesting different articles and pages.
Screenshot of the list suggesting different articles and pages.

More upgrades to discover…

This update brings several other improvements, including further customisation of the “Social Networks” and “Tag Cloud” blocks and a “Query Loop” block that allows posts to be filtered by author, keywords and categories. The author of a post can also be made more visible thanks to three new blocks: “Avatar”, “Post Author”, “Post Author Biography”, the latter being a good alternative to the “WP about Author” menu configuration.

All the new features related to Arturo are detailed in the documentation written by the WordPress team linked below.

Warning: for security reasons, the WordPress team has removed the possibility, on multisites counting with more than 10,000 accounts (like Hypotheses), to modify simultaneously the authors of several posts. This includes the administrator accounts.

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