News on Hypotheses – July 2023

A new WordPress update has been installed on Hypotheses. This is version 6.2, named Dolphy in honour of the American jazzman Eric Allan Dolphy Jr.

One of the major improvements in this update concerns Google web fonts, which are now hosted directly in the graphic themes. In  conformity with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), no request will longer be made to Google’s servers when using a theme developed by the WordPress teams.

The other main benefits of this new version are accessibility upgrades and simplified process  for posts and pages edition.

Here are listed below the most significant modifications to the Hypotheses environment. You can find in the WordPress documentation all the changes made by Dolphy and by Misha, the previous version included in this update.

Modifications of the Edition mode display when editing an article or a page

You can now choose the “Distraction free” mode of the Edition interface, which will allow you  to immerse yourself in your writing.  This will hide all the control panels and settings, so that you can concentrate on your content.

 The “Distraction free” display  can be activated by clicking on the three-dot menu at the top right corner of  the interface used to edit an article or page.

Screenshot_Distraction free

If you wish to deactivate this view mode, you can drag your cursor across the top of the screen. The  three-dot menu will reappear so  you can deselect this option.

Note that the logo used to open the block and publication settings in the article and page editing interface (the cog) has been replaced by another logo.

Previous logo

Screenshot of the previous logo (cog)

New logo

Screenshot of the new logo

It is now possible to get information about the article (number of characters, words, and reading time). This information can be found  in the ‘List View’ menu (three staggered lines) at the top left corner of the article editing interface. Click on “List View” → “Outline”.

Screenshot Outline

On the media side

A new “Media” tab has been added to the block insertion tool.

This shortcut allows you to access images without having to search for them in the media library. You can insert them simply by dragging and dropping, which will insert automatically  an image block with the right content.

This new menu also gives direct access to r media under Creative Commons licenses via the Openverse search engine.

Screenshot Media tab

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