A selection of posts translated into English

We have recently launched Anthology, a new research blog compiling a selection of Hypotheses posts that were initially published on the platform in French and have now been translated into English. The aim is to showcase humanities and social science research to an ever wider readership, particularly English-speaking readers.

The posts are selected by the Hypotheses Academic committee, and the aim is to gradually cover all types of blogs and all disciplines. The project is the result of a partnership with the INIST, which is in charge of translating the posts from French to English.

A new post will be published each month.

Featured image: Translation by Christopher Smith (licence: Creative Commons by-nc-sa)

Cite this article as: "A selection of posts translated into English" from Marion Wesely. Published on The house of blogs, 25/11/2016. Link: https://houseofblogs.hypotheses.org/225.

Marion Wesely

Anciennement Chargée de l'accompagnement des communautés et de la valorisation des contenus d'Hypothèses / Community manager & communication officer for the Hypotheses platform (OpenEdition)

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