Twenty Seventeen, all in the header

The graphic theme developed by the WordPress team in 2017, Twenty Seventeen, can now be installed by Hypotheses users on their blogs. Its sober content layout allows fewer customization options than a theme like Hueman for instance, but stands out with more header personalization possibilities. This graphic theme is responsive and adapts to all screen sizes.

This theme allows a screen-wide header image (recommended size: 2000 x 1200px. Keep in mind the weight of the image: prefer a .jpg format and a 72DPI resolution for a lighter image).

The header can also be a video, although this practice is not recommended for content accessibility reasons (for instance limited-speed connections), and for page readability.

In case a video is used, we advise you to still add a header image. It will appear instead of the video on mobile and tablets screens and on computers while the video charges. The video should weight up to 8Mo to be uploaded on the blog, or come from a YouTube URL. By default, it will start playing automatically and on repeat, making it better to choose a short and visually sober video.

A logo can be added on the left of the blog’s title and subtitle. The title and subtitle colours are customizable, as is the background colour of the blog, with a mainly-white or mainly-black version. The theme has a single by-default font, chosen for its readability, which should suit most users.

Two menus can be added : the main one will appear under the header and stay pinned at the top of the page as the readers scroll down. A “social links” menu makes (internal or external) links appear as clickable icons in the blog’s footer.

Originally conceived for business websites purposes, Twenty Seventeen features options that apply less to a dynamic blogging format. The header video is one of those features.

The second is a static homepage composed of several text sections interleaved with background images, in a parallax effect. This static homepage is not to be favoured on a blog, as it does not reflect well its activity, and the readers cannot immediately see the recently published articles.

However, if you wish to test this feature and have activated the theme already, you will have to choose or create up to 4 pages, add a featured image to each of them, then go to your blog’s dashboard > Appearance > Theme > Customize > Theme options, select the pages you want to associate them with “Front Page Section [1/2/3/4] Content“.

Read more on the Twenty Seventeen theme and features on the Codex WordPress

Featured image: Week 17 by Dick Vos under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA licence

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