Lightbox effect on image galleries

From now on, a Lightbox behaviour is added to image galleries integrated into Hypotheses blogs articles or pages. Images appear in the article’s content following a chosen configuration and open overlaying the article’s content, in full size (in the size-limit the screen can display) and with an easy navigation between images. On smartphones and tablets, passing from one image to the next can be done swiping left and right.

Gallery example:

Creating an image gallery in an article or page is simple : click on Add media > Create Gallery, select the images you wish to add to it, and click on Create a new gallery. For the Lightbox effect to work, specify Link To : Media File in the gallery settings before clicking Insert gallery.

The process remains the same as the old way to insert image galleries, only the behaviour and display of it is different.

Any individual image added to an article or page with “Link To : Media File” specified will now also open, when clicked, with the overlay Lightbox effect. Juxtaposing several individual images will not create a gallery, and navigation by keyboard, arrows or finger swipe will not be possible between them.

Example of an individual image linked to “media file”:

The caption that can be added in the image details will adapt to the image’s width in the article or page: for aesthetic optimisation, prefer short captions.

Read more about the Featherlight plugin on the Codex WordPress.

Featured image: Summer lights by Patrick under Creative Commons BY-NC licence

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