Set-up a profile image on Hypotheses

WordPress allows anyone with a user account on a Hypotheses blog to define a profile image. This profile image appears next to the author’s signature on a content, and if the person comments on an article in their blog or in another blog on the platform. The choice of a profile image is made through the administration interface of your blog > Users > Your profile. WordPress does not allow you to simply upload an image to be used as a profile image.

Personalize your profile image via the Gravatar service

To personalize your profile image, simply create an account on the Gravatar site using the same email address used for your user account on Hypotheses. The website allows you to intuitively create an avatar of the right size from any image on your hard disk or from the web. A tool to resize and preview the result is available, and you can create and save several avatars – however, you will need to choose only one that will be active for your user account on Hypotheses.

WordPress will then automatically link your user profile on Hypotheses to the image chosen in Gravatar.

Featured image: selfie-impaired by eight cent under Creative commons BY-NC license

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