How to subscribe to an Hypotheses blog?

To subscribe to your publications, your readers have two options.

OpenEdition’s subscription service

OpenEdition’s subscription service is currently disabled. It is not possible to subscribe to OpenEdition content and no mail is sent to subscribers.

OpenEdition has a notifications and subscriptions feature on its platforms (Hypotheses, Calenda, OpenEdition Journals and OpenEdition Books). It is accessible from the top navigation bar on all OpenEdition websites.

Location of the “Newsletters and alerts” link in the top bar on all OpenEdition sites

The notifications system allows text queries (keywords, sentences, names, etc.) to be saved in a personal account and automatically executed on the OpenEdition portal’s search engine. Each time a new publication matching your search criteria is published on one of OpenEdition’s platforms, you will automatically receive an e-mail notification.

The subscription system allows you to automatically receive by e-mail new events in one or several Calenda categories, recent publications on one or several OpenEdition Journals, one or several OpenEdition Books, or the latest articles in the Hypotheses blogs of your choice. Your readers can therefore subscribe to the latest news from your blog, and choose the amount of information contained in the messages they will receive, as well as their frequency.

To further highlight this feature for your readers, we suggest that you integrate it into your blog as follows:

  • Save this image (or create one yourself)
  • Select an Image widget from the Appearance > Widgets menu and move it to an active widget area (such as the side column).
  • Load the image into the widget by clicking on “Add image”.
  • In Attachment Details > Legend, you can add a short text, for example, “You will be redirected to the OpenEdition subscription service. Check then select this blog from the list.”
  • Finally, in “Attachment Display Settings”, select “Link to: Custom URL” and add the following link: It will redirect your readers directly to the OpenEdition subscription service.

RSS feeds of your blog

Many external services, such as the free Feedly web browser application and extension or other RSS feed readers, allow your readers to subscribe to the RSS feeds of your blog, through which they can discover your new posts.

They can subscribe to the general RSS feed of your blog, which contains all the latest articles you published. That feed is obtained by adding /feed at the end of the url of the address of your blog. Example for the House of blogs:

In the same way, they can subscribe:

  • to the RSS feed of a category (for example, the “Manage my notebook” category of the House of blogs:;
  • to the RSS feed of a label (for example, the “OpenEdition” label:;
  • to the RSS feed of an author (for example:

It is also possible to obtain RSS feeds of all Hypotheses books by downloading an OPML file. This feature is mainly useful for libraries and institutions.

Download the OPML file of Hypotheses

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