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The “WP about Author” feature allows you to display on a blog a signature containing a text introducing the author, possible links to their social media, a link to all their posts and, if applicable, their profile image (avatar). This signature can appear in different places: after each article on the home page of the blog, below each article individually, on each page, in the search results and in each category.

Example of a public signature displayed using WP About Author

Biographical information

“WP About Author” displays some information as it was entered in a user account profile. First of all, it is thus necessary to fill in the biographical information that will be displayed on the blog. To do this, go to Users > Your Profile. You will find in particular the “Biographical information” field. Note that this field accepts html code, which may allow you to add hypertext links, for example.

“Biographical information” field in the “Your profile” menu

The feature will also display buttons pointing to your social media, if the links have been entered in your profile.

If you want to display an avatar, the procedure is described in the post “Set-up a profile image on Hypotheses“.

Don’t forget to click on the “Update Profile” button to save any changes.

Presentation of the information

To customize the way this information is displayed on your logbook, go to your logbook dashboard, Settings > WP about Author. A series of very simple settings will allow you to choose where and how this signature will be displayed.

For example, check the “Display on front page” box to display the signature on your home page. Check the “Display on individual posts” box to display it under each individual article. Note that the term “Archives” corresponds here to the categories on your blog.Uncheck all options if you do not want to display it anywhere.

In the “Avatar settings” section, you can choose the size of the avatar and its shape (square if the “Display as Circle” box is not checked, or round if this box is checked).

The display of links to social media can be made as text or a button by checking or unchecking the box “Display buttons instead of text links in the author box” in the “Social Links Display Settings” area.

Finally, you can choose the background color and border type of this signature using the settings available in the “Box setting” section. Do not forget, when customizing the aesthetics of this area, to think about the general graphic chart of your blog, and to respect a good contrast in order not to reduce the reading accessibility of your blog.

NB: the Hueman graphic theme also offers a display of the signatures of the authors of a blog. Although different from the one proposed by “WP About Author”, this display is redundant. If you choose Hueman, it therefore seems wise to keep only one or the other of these signature systems. More information about Hueman.

Featured image: Antwerp: leaving the Central Station, by Alex Eylar, under CC BY-NC-SA license.

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