Twenty Thirteen, straight to the point

Hypotheses offers its users access to the graphic themes developed by WordPress teams in priority, to insure greater durability, consistency and long-term flexibility for the platform. Find all the graphic themes available in the “Appearance” category of the House of blogs.

Twenty Thirteen is a responsive graphic theme, i.e. its layout adapts to the size and type of your screen, which is a considerable advantage, especially as reading on smartphones and tablets becomes more and more frequent.

The header of your blog

Like most of the other themes offered on Hypotheses, it is possible on Twenty Thirteen to add a header image, which you can modify by going to the Appearance menu > Customize > Header Image.

Adding a header image with Twenty Thirteen

Choose an image by clicking on “Add new image”. You then have the choice between uploading a new image file from your computer or choosing an image already present in the media library of your blog. The Twenty Thirteen graphic theme recommends the choice of a 1600 × 230 px header image. Think about optimization: prefer.jpg format and a resolution of 96 DPI for a lighter image.

Header image with Twenty Thirteen

If you have integrated the title and subtitle of your notebook into the header image, you may not want to display the same title and subtitle as text on the blog. Under no circumstances should this information be deleted from Settings > General or Appearance > Customize > Site Identity. This removes the “Title” and “Subtitle” metadata from your blog and greatly hinders its proper referencing and indexing in search engines and databases. In Appearance > Customize > Site Identity, you can uncheck “Show site title and description”, which hides this data without deleting it.

Featured images for your articles

Each article can be associated with a specific image that will be displayed at the top. To do this, go to the article editing interface and look for the “Featured image” block.

Adding a featured image

If you click on “Set featured image” (as in the box in the image above), you can choose the image that will be displayed above the article. This leads to something like what you can see in the previous screencap.

Comfortable reading

The choice of font and styles of this graphic theme allows a pleasant reading on any medium (screen, tablet or smartphone). You can see, below, an example using the “Quote” style for quotations.

To learn more about this theme and its features, see Twenty Thirteen’s presentation in the Codex WordPress

You now have all the information you need to get started with Twenty Thirteen. If you have any questions about this topic and can’t find the answer in this post, don’t hesitate to contact the bloggers’ community (hypocommunity[at], who will certainly be able to help you with the handling and use of your blog. If you are not subscribed to the list, send us a request to hypotheses[at]

Featured image: Thirteen by Andrew Forgrave under Creative Commons By-NC-SA 2.0 license

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