What is this blog for?

This blog provides technical and editorial support to the Hypotheses academic bloggers community. You will also find information about developments of the platform and guidelines on new features and tools.

What is Hypotheses?

A service for the academic community
Hypotheses is a research blog platform open to all disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. It is effectively a laboratory for new academic writing, providing direct communication between researchers and helping researchers build their ideas.

Sustained growth
Founded in 2009, Hypotheses now includes more than 450 blogs run by a community of 800 bloggers from all countries. New functions are regularly implemented to respond to the needs of academic blogging. The platform receives 500,000 visits per month.

A variety of uses
Hypotheses hosts different types of blog – research blogs, monitoring blogs, seminar blogs, field work blogs, thesis blog, etc. The platform is based on the user-friendly WordPress system and is free to use.

International scope
Bloggers post in all languages. Each community has its own scientific committee and discussion tools. The platform itself is organised into linguistic subdivisions corresponding to English-, Spanish-, German-, and French- speaking bloggers. Other subdivisions are currently under preparation.

Hypotheses is part of a larger platform, OpenEdition, a comprehensive electronic publishing infrastructure for academic information in the humanities and social sciences, which publishes 350 academic journals (Revues.org), an academic announcement service (Calenda), and at the end of 2012, a platform dedicated to books (OpenEdition Books).

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